A businessman determined to undergo leg lengthening to walk alongside with his wife

A businessman determined to undergo leg lengthening to walk alongside with his wife

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  • A businessman determined to undergo leg lengthening to walk alongside with his wife
A businessman determined to undergo leg lengthening to walk alongside with his wife

A businessman determined to undergo leg lengthening to walk alongside with his wife

“With my height increased from 164cm to 170cm, from now on, I could walk alongside my wife in confidence without having to feel inferior because of my height anymore. Just thinking about it makes me so excited!” – N.T.A, a 36-year-old businessman from Saigon – shared.

Any man would want to have an admiring body and an ideal height. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have the desired height. To help people improve their height in the most effective way, leg lengthening surgery was invented. In Vietnam, this method has been applied scientifically and methodically and brought unexpected results, helping short people to increase their height by 5- 10cm depending on the needs and health status of them.

Despite his age, Mr. N.T.A was still determined to undergo leg lengthening surgery with the desire to achieve his desired height. After 66 days of undergoing surgery and having to wear fixators, Mr. T.A shared that his height had increased by more than 6cm, reaching the average height threshold of men. Throughout the surgery and up to now in the recovery period, pain is almost non-existent for his case. His legs are straight, the bones are well-developed, his walking practice also goes well. Furthermore, the fact that he had reached a higher height than that of his partner made Mr. T.A even more delighted.

                              After surgery, Mr. T.A can now walk alongside his wife with confidence

Leg lengthening to improve height: The best decision of my life

Sharing about his story, Mr. T.A said: “I was determined to undergo leg lengthening because my wife was 1m67 tall, while I was only 1m64 tall at the time. Many times when I walked alongside my wife, I felt inferior because it was no different from a pair of skewed chopsticks. In addition, at work, I often had to deal with customers, many of them were foreign partners with “great heights” that made me feel really bad about myself. I had planned and prepared for leg lengthening since a year ago, but I was too busy with work and didn’t have much time for both the surgery and recovery after it, so I couldn’t undergo the procedure. However, with the current epidemic situation, all work had come to a halt. I had plenty of time to myself, so I decided not to procrastinate any longer.”

Mr. T.A continued: “In order to come to the decision to get my leg stretched, I did a lot of research online. I was worried at first, but fortunately I got to meet Dr. Doan. The doctor gave me extensive consultation and explained in detail to me the process of leg lengthening as well as recovering from surgery. Many people are afraid of pain and anxiety when they undergo leg lengthening surgery, but with my own impression and experience during the surgery and more than 60 days wearing the fixators, I didn’t suffer from much pain, only occasional insomnia due to being unaccustomed to those bulky frames. Up to now, more than 1 month after getting the fixators removed, I have seen a lot of changes in myself. Currently, I’m getting used to walking again. What I liked the most was the feeling of standing next to my wife and being taller than her. I’m filled with joy and happiness.”

Sharing after surgery, Mr. TA also said that when he went to Hanoi at the peak of the epidemic to undergo leg lengthening. Not only did he have his wife with him on the trip to take care and support him but he also met a lot of people from many places who shared the same desire that he had. They also went to get their legs stretched. After a while, everyone became supportive and shared their experiences which made him less worried and sad when he was away from home.

“Leg lengthening was the best decision of my life. It was a pity that a 36-year-old like me could not undergo femoral lengthening to increase height. If only I was younger, I would have also added 5-6cm to the femurs to increase to about 176cm.” – Mr. T.A shared more about his story.

Mr. T.A is recovering from the surgery

If you want to get surgery to improve your height, seize the opportunity as soon as possible

According to Assoc. Prof., PhD. Le Van Doan, every year he would perform hundreds of leg lengthening cases, in which the proportion of men going for leg lengthening is about the same as that of women. For young people, more length can be stretched with leg lengthening and the ability to recover is also faster. If you want to improve your height, seize the opportunity at a young age and have surgery as soon as possible.

However, the doctor also recommends that leg lengthening surgery must be performed in hospitals with good equipment and techniques and a team of specialists and skilled nurses.

In the case of Mr. T.A, in terms of age, that was not an advantage for him. However, because he has been doing exercise to keep fit for many years, through the examination and check-up, Doctor Doan found that his bone structure was still very good, so the leg lengthening surgery gave surprising results. Mr. T.A had his legs stretched by more than 6cm without too much trouble.

“Currently, Mr. T.A is entering the process of training and rehabilitation. If he continues to follow the same training routine as before, in a few months he will be able to walk like a normal person.” – Dr Doan shared more about the case of Mr. T.A.

* The name of the patient in the story has been changed.

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