Personal information
Name Le Van Doan
Areas of Specialty Orthopaedics and Plastic Surgery
Experience More than 30 years.
Specialized Degrees
Degrees Associate Professor - Doctor of Medicine - Excellent Physician


Dr. Doan completed his Surgical residency at the Vietnam Military Medical University on June 1990. After graduation, Dr. Doan worked in the Department of Orthopaedics – 108 Military Central Hospital.

In 1991, Dr. Doan performed and monitored his first limb lengthening procedure. In more than 10 years (1991-2002), Dr. Doan had broadened his experience in surgery, monitoring and treatment from over 200 cases of limb lengthening. During this period, limb lengthening was used for patients with short legs caused by poliomyelitis and patients with shortened bones from injury or tumor removal. External fixation frame was the standard procedure at the time with the use of Ilizarov frames or reversed slot pressed stake external fixators. In 2003, to answer the continuous demands (for development) of society, Dr. Doan, along with other physicians at the Department of Orthopaedics, started to perform limb lengthening procedure for patients with short stature.

Through the combination of daily practice and referenced limb lengthening experience from other surgeons around the world, the resarch group led by Dr. Doan and the Department of Orthopaedics continued to innovate surgical tools and techniques that were suitable with economic conditions and the anthropometric of Vietnamese people. In 2012, Dr. Doan’s research group invented a new fixator for limb lengthening. This innovated external fixator frame was created based on improvements needed for fixators in Vietnam and around the world; and the implementation of intramedullary nails. This method helped shorten the duration of external fixation frame by 75% (before the invention in 2012, the average duration was 40 days per centimeter of length gained; after having applied the new method, the duration was reduced to 11 days per centimeter of length gained), improve bone growth in the created spaces, restore leg function, minimize scars, guarantee aesthetic appeal and no sequelae. From then on, there was a steady increase in the number of limb lengthening surgeries.

Dr. Doan has over 30 years of experience, with training from famous universities in Vietnam and abroad, including 15 years of experience as a doctor who directly operated, treated and monitored limb lengthening cases. He held the position of Head of Department for 8 years, and has been holding the position of Director of the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics – 108 Military Central Hospital for 7 years.

In research: Dr. Doan continuously works in the field of Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery, and possesses many scientific researches in orthopedics that have been successfully conducted and defended. In 2003, Dr. Doan successfully defended his doctoral thesis and then carried out many scientific research projects which were accepted and highly appreciated. These included 01 state-level scientific research project hosted by him, 03 ministerial-level projects (including 01 research project on the application of stem cells in limb lengthening surgery) and many grassroots-level projects. Dr. Doan has also published 105 scientific articles in domestic and international scientific journals, including world-renowned ones in orthopedics, with many articles on limb lengthening.

In teaching and training: As an Associate Professor (recognized by the State Council of Title in 2010), Dr. Doan also directly provided postgraduate training for many specialist I and II classes on orthopedics and plastic surgery; provided guidance to 15 doctors to successfully defend their doctoral thesis; and participated in more than 200 grading committees for doctoral, master, resident and specialist II theses of Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam Military Medical University, etc.


  • Dr. Doan has more than 30 years of experience working in the Department of Orthopaedics – 108 Military Central Hospital; and has been holding the position of Director of the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics for 7 years
  • Dr. Doan had successfully completed over 500 limb lengthening procedures, asserting his number one position in Vietnam
  • As a Doctor of Medicine – Associate Professor, Dr. Doan has participated in the research of many state-level projects in orthopaedics
  • Dr. Doan has published more than 100 scientific articles in orthopaedics in domestic and international medical journals.

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