Undergoing bow leg correction surgery to regain confidence in life

Undergoing bow leg correction surgery to regain confidence in life

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  • Undergoing bow leg correction surgery to regain confidence in life
Undergoing bow leg correction surgery to regain confidence in life

Having straight and long legs has always been a dream of many people, but in reality, not everyone is lucky enough to have them. The desire to have straight legs is greater than ever, particularly for those who have leg deformities. They may seek medical interventions. However, finding a reputable institution and an experienced surgeon is never simple.

Recently, 2 cases of severely deformed bow legs were successfully operated on by Assoc. Prof., Ph.D. Le Van Doan, Director of the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, 108 Military Central Hospital. Read Dr. Doan’s commentary on these two cases.

Bow leg correction – Giving new hope to young girl

N.T.H., a 20-year-old from Hanoi, is one of the peculiar patients that Dr. Doan will always remember. Initially, H’s legs were only slightly bent, but after the family took her to get surgery to straighten the legs, the complications became more severe. Every hospital shrugged its shoulders when she requested a second surgery after the first one because it was too difficult and there was a risk of complications. This made H and her family more depressed. However, the burden and pressure were only lifted off of H’s family and friends when Assoc. Prof., Ph.D. Le Van Doan nodded in agreement to perform the surgery. Sharing about this special “patient,” Dr. Doan said that it was not a very complicated case. H admitted that she lacked confidence because of her bow legs when visiting Dr. Doan. Her family has taken her to numerous hospitals and doctors’ offices for treatment, but each one has “shaken their head.” Indeed, only those with bow legs could comprehend their affliction and tenacity.

H’s surgery was successful, and she was able to walk normally after a few months. Although H’s legs still have scars, she can get plastic surgery in the future to have the scars removed as her legs become straighter. Few people can tell she once had bow legs, even when she wears long pants.

The young girl and her family have gone through many difficulties, seeking treatment everywhere, and having sad and desperate days. Now, H wept tears of joy while gazing at her feet in front of the mirror, knowing that she has escaped from the life of bow legs and concerns about disability.

Another example would be 12-year-old N.L.A., who also had severe bow legs. At school, she would get teased by her classmates, making her feel very inferior. A’s family did some research and took her to a hospital in Hanoi. But after the procedure, things got even worse. After a while, there were still surgical scars on the legs, along with deformities. Her family was very concerned. Every hospital they tried to take her to for medical attention shook their heads and refused to accept the surgery because it was too complicated to handle.

What lies ahead for the 12-year-old girl? Her parents looked up every bit of information online while worrying about the disabled child and just so happened to be aware of Dr. Doan and numerous instances of successful surgery. The family made an appointment right away and took L.A to the doctor.

Fortunately, Dr. Doan was able to straighten L.A.’s legs, and as a result of that surgery, L.A. is now happier, more vibrant, and more self-assured when standing in front of everyone.

Trusting the right institution

Nearly every week, patients contact Assoc. Prof. Doan with inquiries about bow legs, X-shaped legs, K-shaped legs, and so on. All of them want to have straightening surgery. According to Assoc. Prof. Doan, leg straightening is performed best at certain ages. It is best to have the surgery when you are 18 years old, but for young children, their legs can be treated with orthotics, casts, or orthopedic braces, which guarantee improvement.

Patients should carefully consider and select a reputable institution and an experienced surgeon to perform the surgery in order to avoid any potential unfavorable complications.

Contact Dr. Doan immediately for advice.