Inpatient care and treatment
following leg lengthening surgery

It is critical to take care of the patient following surgery in order to assist the patient recover both physically and mentally.
In order to make daily rehabilitation exercises more convenient in order to achieve the desired length, as well as to provide patients with comfort and ease when traveling for routine check-ups, Dr. Doan offers post-leg lengthening surgery care and therapy services.
Located in the Vinhomes Symphony urban area, Dr. Doan’s inpatient treatment facility fully meets all of the patients’ rehabilitation and post-surgical recovery needs.

1. Infrastructure

  • The tree and lake system covers the entire urban area, creating a green, fresh, natural atmosphere that assures the patient’s health!
  • Strict security measures, including a 24-hour surveillance camera system.
  • Each room is designed to be cozy, quiet, and private, with full-service entertainment amenities to make you feel like home. The combination of a living area and an open kitchen fully equipped with culinary appliances creates a spacious feeling that allows patients to move around postsurgical. Wheelchairs and walkers, in particular, are fully supplied in each flat, allowing patients to undertake physical therapy and recover easily after surgery. Apart from modern comforts, each apartment includes a large balcony with a panoramic view of Hanoi’s east. At least one medical staff member is always available at all times to care for and support patients during their rehabilitation.
  • A four-season swimming pool and gyms are available for patients to practice rehabilitation after legs-lengthening.

2. Vinhomes Symphony inpatient service

  • The nursing team aids patients in rehabilitation, daily exercises, and patient guidance during and after the lengthening process to reach full length.
  • The nursing team changes the patient’s dressings on a daily basis, provides pin site care, and assists with medication administration.
  • The service crew takes patients from the hospital to their rooms, assists in bringing them for walks and attending doctor’s appointments on a regular basis.

  • A professional kitchen staff prepares three meals per day for patients and a variety of dishes each week, utilizing clean ingredients, ensuring food hygiene and safety, providing proper nutrition, and assisting patients in recovering efficiently.

Dr. Doan had worked hard to bring the post-operative inpatient to life in Vinhomes Symphony. You can be completely confident when visiting Dr. Doan’s facility because of his dedication, meticulousness, and professionalism, which are the factors that contribute to his brand and reputation.

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