Leg lengthening surgery: Increasing height is no longer an unattainable dream

Leg lengthening surgery: Increasing height is no longer an unattainable dream

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  • Leg lengthening surgery: Increasing height is no longer an unattainable dream
Leg lengthening surgery: Increasing height is no longer an unattainable dream

Leg lengthening surgery: Increasing height is no longer an unattainable dream

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As society develops, people start to pay more and more attention to each other’s height. Not everyone is born with a desired height. Thus, the need for leg lengthening surgery to improve height is increasing.

So what actually is leg lengthening? What are our safe stretched lengths? How long does it take to return to daily life, will there be any sequelae, etc. These are questions that most people with a “modest” height are interested in.

How does leg lengthening work?

Leg traction surgery is a surgical method to increase the length of the legs by 1mm every day, based on the body’s ability to regenerate new bone on its own, and the recovery of soft tissues, blood vessels and surrounding nerves.

In the past, leg lengthening surgery was only performed for people with limb length discrepancy. However, nowadays, more and more people are choosing this surgery to improve their height to become more confident in life.

So how many centimeters can your legs get stretched by? Assoc. Prof., Dr. Le Van Doan said, depending on the specific condition of each individual, the doctor will examine and advise where the procedure should be performed and how long the legs should be stretched to ensure the best aesthetic result and recovery. Achieving the desired length depends on your age, health status and surgical condition. Your current height, gender and surgical site will determine your stretched length, which can range from 10-12cm.

A method that guarantees safety and fast recovery

More than 10 years ago, just using only the external fixators to stretch will result in the patient having to wear them from 9 to 12 months (average stretching rate of 45 days for each centimeter). Currently, the combination of intramedullary nailing and external fixation is one of the most advanced surgical methods, allowing the lengthening process to still achieve maximum efficiency, while the time having to the fixators is shortened to only ¼ of the original duration (average rate of 10 days for each centimeter). Because in addition to cutting the bone and installing the fixators for daily stretching, the doctors also put into the marrow canal a nail with a screw at the top of the bone. This new method has been applied to hundreds of cases, without any distortion or complication. After recovery, patients can move their legs freely, and even play sports safely.

Patients who underwent leg lengthening usually suffer pain in the first 2 days. After 2 months, they can climb stairs and 20 months later, almost all basic activities are back to normal. The patients can play tennis and many other different sports.

With a shortened duration, scars get smaller (1-2cm) and their number is less. This advanced method is currently being applied in many cosmetic leg lengthening surgery centers around the world and in Vietnam.

Change your life with the decision that “let you be your most confident self”

Not only does leg lengthening make you look more radiant, but it also makes you more confident and strong in life. So don’t be afraid of changes, because the decisions you make now will change your future.

This is a 24-year-old short girl from Saigon. She has a pretty face but her height was only 1.48m. After more than 2 months of surgery, every time she stood in front of the mirror, she burst into tears of joy when she found out that her legs were longer and her body was much taller than before. From then on, Q could confidently walk on the street in her most beautiful dresses.

In addition, people who work in specific fields such as models, actors, international students, etc. because of the nature of their work, have also undergone leg lengthening surgery to gain confidence and have more new opportunities

Many other patients who are overseas Vietnamese and foreigners who are currently living and working abroad, also took advantage of the arrangement to fulfill their dream of leg lengthening, with the desire to have better opportunities in the host country. Such is the case of Preeda, a 23-year-old young man from Thailand, a country famous for many cosmetic services, who also trusted Dr. Doan to conduct leg lengthening surgery on his legs. This affirms that the service quality as well as the expertise and skills of doctors in Vietnam are not inferior to other countries in the world.

Having an ideal height has been the dream of many people. Now, that dream is completely “within reach”. According to experts, improving height is a very significant change in appearance and if that helps you to become confident in life, then this method is the best way to achieve your desired height.

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