Becoming taller and more attractive with leg lengthening

Becoming taller and more attractive with leg lengthening

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Becoming taller and more attractive with leg lengthening

The public’s perspective on leg surgery has altered as a result of medical advancements and changes in how plastic surgery is perceived today. Additionally, leg lengthening is now more common among many people for a variety of purposes and is no longer only a pipe dream for people with small stature.

There is no shortage of young people today who, while being of average height, wish to get taller in order to have a more attractive and self-assured physique. Some people have turned to the leg lengthening service, which has been proven to be a safe and effective procedure, due to the nature of their jobs, their plans for the future, or the fact that they are foreign students or overseas Vietnamese who want to blend in with the host country.

40-year-old actor gets his legs lengthened so he can land more new roles

NTH is a 40-year-old actor who underwent surgery to stretch his legs by 7 cm. The procedure was performed in Vietnam by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Van Doan, Director of the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics – 108 Military Central Hospital.

Sharing about his leg lengthening journey, actor NTH said: “I actually wanted to undergo leg lengthening when I was 20, but my financial situation at that time did not allow it and I was building my career. Also, back then, the intramedullary nailing technology did not exist and the time spent in an external fixator was still very long.

However, for an actor with a good-looking face, outstanding acting skills, and great feedback from directors in auditions, having short stature was very challenging. I hardly got the chance to play couples with actresses, and I was extremely unfit to “match” with fellow actresses at their ideal height. This prompted me to have leg lengthening surgery before I was too old. My work reaches maturity when I am 40 years old. At 40, I still have many years ahead to wear better clothes, to love life, to have more favorable situations, and to fulfill the wishes of my youth.”

According to Mr. N.T.H, before his surgery, he also went through a period of worry and anxiety because he was old and did not have the same advantages as young people. But after learning more about the treatment regimen, surgical methods, and previous leg lengthening cases as well as getting consulted by the medical team, he felt that every stage was safe and uneventful. Therefore, he decided to spend 2 months for the surgery and another 2 months resting and actively exercising to achieve the desired height.

N.T.H’s career will undoubtedly have many new turning points, many new spectacular roles on the screen, with his height changing from 164 cm to over 171 cm. “There’s nothing greater than letting yourself achieve your long-time wish to become a taller, more confident, and better dresser…” – Mr. N.T.H emphasized.

Photo of N.T.H before undergoing his leg lengthening surgery

9x girl hides her family from her leg lengthening surgery to become more attractive

N.D.L, born in 1990, was only 158 cm tall, but after seeing her close friends, who have model heights, the girl decided to hide her family in order to extend her legs by 5 cm.

Sharing about the decision to lengthen her legs when her height is not too low, N.D.L said that two of her close friends had already had their legs stretched, so the young girl from Hanoi already had a lot of experience, from choosing a prestigious institution at Dr. Doan’s to taking care of herself after surgery and planning exercise time and physical therapy to achieve the highest height. Her friends’ current appearance was the motivation for N.D.L to decide to stretch her legs to be taller and more beautiful.  “Although I am not too short, when I walked with friends who are nearly 170 cm tall, I felt inferior. Above all, I also wanted to have the height of a model, so I didn’t hesitate to get my legs stretched. Now the surgery is very simple as well.”

N.D.L also hid her decision to get surgery from her family. She decided to undergo the surgery herself, because L understood that after only 4-5 months, all her activities would return to normal. The surgery was quite simple. All services at Dr. Doan’s were excellent and very safe. Therefore, L feigned a business trip so that her parents wouldn’t have to worry. After finishing the long trip, her parents saw their daughter as a beautiful and confident woman! And now, when she goes out, many people look up and admire her height. L also enjoys a very confident and proud feeling when striding.

Photo of N.D.L before undergoing her leg lengthening surgery

Young man desires to be taller to realize his dream of studying abroad

Despite possessing a desirable height of 172 cm, the young man from Hanoi N.V.D still went to Dr. Doan’s to extend his legs by 6 cm, to achieve a height of 178 cm.

With the dream of studying in Spain and the desire to walk with his Western friends with pride, N.V.D did not hesitate to spend 2 months to get his legs lengthened by 6 cm.

Thanks to the good mental preparation and health background, the support of the family, excellent service and skills, and Dr. Doan’s great reputation, D was able to achieve his dream without much difficulty.

Photo of N.V.D before undergoing his leg lengthening surgery

The surgery went smoothly, and the recovery time was fast. D quickly returns to his normal life. After only 2 months of surgery, D is learning to walk on his new legs with a height that many people now have to “look up”.

International male student in the UK: To be beautiful requires determination and courage

In order to gain more confidence and easily integrate into the life in the UK, 25-year-old international student L.A.M spent his summer vacation in Vietnam undergoing leg lengthening surgery.

With a height of only 1m62, the young man planned to get his legs lengthened by 8cm, so that after surgery he would reach an average height of 1m70.

“Actually, when you understand the principle of leg lengthening surgery, you will find it is quite simple but effective. After surgery, it is similar to what happens to a broken bone because the bone will heal right away,” L.A.M shared.

Photo of L.A.M before undergoing his leg lengthening surgery

If you desire to be taller, have stable financial resources and are mentally prepared, especially for the recovery and exercise times, then do not hesitate to book an appointment for leg lengthening surgery. It’s all about making yourself more confident and beautiful.

More and more young individuals are deciding to have leg lengthening surgery to increase their height, beauty, and confidence so they can stand shoulder to shoulder with their international friends. Do not hesitate or pass up the chance to stretch your legs if you are also trying to gain height. We might need to spend money and time, but in exchange we get a fresh start, a new height, a new look, greater confidence, and the ability to enjoy life more. It is definitely worth it.